Jeremy Presley

About Me

The first thing about me, I hate writing bios. It’s hard to accurately represent yourself in a short a write-up, but I’ll give it a try. I’m a patriot, veteran, and a scholar with a master’s degree in finance from Texas A&M – Commerce, working in the industry. I try to live my life holding myself to a higher standard according to my morals and values. I want to live a purposeful virtuous life and be known for my good character and works.

I enjoy hot wings from Wingstop on an almost weekly basis. One of my most favorite things to do is watching movies with large amounts of heavily buttered popcorn and Coca-Cola. Big fan of Harry Potter, Psych, and Tiktok. I am always awestruck by the night sky and astronomy. I enjoy challenging games of chess and also easy wins. Feel free to play me on; my username is @Jeremy_Presley Add me on Google Stadia.

Welp, I told you I hate writing these, and I not very good at it. Anyway, I hope that now you have a better idea about me.

To sum it all up short and sweet.

I’m just your average super cool guy.