25th Annual Veteran's Vigil

      It was an honor to be a recipient of this year's ASTP Memorial Scholarship, which was presented to me during the Veteran Vigil opening ceremony. Student veteran Robert Duncan and I, who also received the scholarship, acted as student chairs for the Vigil Committee and co-hosted the Veteran's Vigil ceremonies.

It was a great and solemn event which was focused on honoring the Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF) veterans that attend the university and those that are part of the local community as well honoring all veterans, POW's, and MIA's of every war. The Vigil flame was lit during the opening ceremony and remain constantly burning for 24 hours as student veterans stood guard and volunteers continuously read the names of fallen and missing veterans from the war of terror.

There was so much more and there is too many individuals and groups to mention in this short blurb but the event was successful due to the hard work and devotion of many people. It easily filled me with patriotism and pride not only for the nation but for my school and the people here.

Photographs were taken by Kristen Taylor a Staff Photographer for the university's newspaper 

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