I graduated with my Bachelor's in finance the other day. I was blessed to have some of my friends and family there to help me celebrate. I owe my success to not only my own hard work but also to their support and the support of my professors. I don't know exactly where I'll end up, but for now, I'm going to pursue a master's degree. Looking forward to the next chapter in life. 🎉🎓📜

To the right is a video of the commencement ceremony. I have it set to skip right to the good part. Below are just a few a photos from afterward.

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Alaca20 vs. Jeremy_Presley

I am progressively getting better at chess. My ranking is officially above 1000. I feel so accomplished.

Archaeoastronomy - Class Trip

I wanted to share with y'all a few pictures from the trip I took with my Archaeoastronomy class to the Mesa Verde National Park and the Chaco Culture National Historical Park. It was very interesting to learn about the astronomical alignments of these sites and others in the class. It was amazing to actually be able to visit a few of the places we learned about in lecture. Even more amazing to have the professor as practically the best tour guide you could ever ask for, to show us around. Highly recommend the class to anyone and everyone. 🏔️🔭

Photos from my trip to the Mesa Verde, and Chaco Culture National Parks. ⛰️🏔️⛰️


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25th Annual Veteran's Vigil

      It was an honor to be a recipient of this year's ASTP Memorial Scholarship, which was presented to me during the Veteran Vigil opening ceremony. Student veteran Robert Duncan and I, who also received the scholarship, acted as student chairs for the Vigil Committee and co-hosted the Veteran's Vigil ceremonies.

It was a great and solemn event which was focused on honoring the Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF) veterans that attend the university and those that are part of the local community as well honoring all veterans, POW's, and MIA's of every war. The Vigil flame was lit during the opening ceremony and remain constantly burning for 24 hours as student veterans stood guard and volunteers continuously read the names of fallen and missing veterans from the war of terror.

There was so much more and there is too many individuals and groups to mention in this short blurb but the event was successful due to the hard work and devotion of many people. It easily filled me with patriotism and pride not only for the nation but for my school and the people here.

Photographs were taken by Kristen Taylor a Staff Photographer for the university's newspaper 

Annual Scholarship Banquet

It was a pleasure and an honor to attend this year's scholarship banquet put on by the College of Business at my University. The theme for the event was "A Night at the Oscars", so I had a lot of fun guessing the name of the movie that the musical score playing in the background was from. There were a lot from Steven Spielberg's work so they were pretty easy to guess correctly.

It was a good night with good people and good food. They even gave me a thing. It's pictured on the right, well it's also on the left but you get a better look of it on the right.

My Cat Named Cat

I can never post enough about this cat of mine. The noises he makes when he's hunting his sock monkey are just hilarious.

Cat is so majestic. He's a born killer if you ask me. 😹 #Cat #catsofinstagram #sockmonkey

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Game of Thrones - Time Travel

Recently the concept of time travel has been introduced into "Game of Thrones". The time travel in this bit of fiction is my favorite kind of time travel. It's a closed time loop. Meaning whatever happens in the past has already happened. It's a fixed timeline. You are in the present and if you go back in time to do something technically you have already done it.

The Three-Eyed Raven said to Bran, "The past is already written. The ink is dry.".

The perfect example is Hodor. When Bran linked their minds across time it is something he had already done to Hodor hence why the whole time we have known the guy he was, well... Hodor.

This great video by VOX explains it way better than I do, plus you don't have to read which is a definite plus.